It's been a long time I didn't update my blog. Now I have became a 19 years old girl, one more year to go for 20s. T.T At first, I thought I will continue my studies in Taylor but due to someone, I changed my mind and went for TARUC. Luckily, I was satisfied with its large geographical area and facilities :D Tomorrow is the last subject for this sem exam which mean today I'm obliged to stay up. 555 I'm currently taking 3 subjects which are Business, Economics and my main subject-- LAW! Because of law, I chose A level art stream. I'm quite interested in science, but I can't find any job related to science that can arose my interest so I chose Art stream. I prefer Science stream :( currently studying business, I don't think I could make it for my exam tomorrow.. ha ha ha.. still a long way to go... Now is personal problem, all these times i have been thinking about a question, "what kind of person am I?"  I still haven't figure it out, and it's troubling me recently. Or, maybe I escaped from facing the truth. Trying to improve my poor english so I type this blog in English. The first requirement for a lawyer is good at English but the goal seem so far to me :( Thinking if I study overseas, my English might be improved incredibly, so UK has been my consideration. Finding a company to go with me, it's seem so difficult... 555 But now, focus on my exam first!



接近三个月的plkn结束了,因为烟霾,我们被提早分开了。一开始,十万千万的不愿意,甚至尝试申请不去。还记得进camp的第一天,倒床就睡,不敢跟人说话。然后,认识了雪钻、柔颖、欣美、玉婷、fishball和凯俐。进camp后,吃饱就睡,很relax,和朋友讲废话,做了许许多多的傻事。看雪钻可爱的打喷嚏,几乎天天和柔颖吵架冷战,欣美的搞笑动作,玉婷的傻气,乱唱乱跳,fishball的体贴和可爱的脸蛋和凯俐的一语惊人仍然在脑里旋转。还记得柔颖兴奋的牵着我的手像傻子向前跑,很像一群傻子在起哄。我帅气的弟弟哈哈!他真的姐姐跟我同名,真是很有缘。他说话很搞笑,很活跃。在dorm里,有个漂亮脸蛋的傻婆在不顾形象的跳舞唱歌。还有个每天为了mr.p在发桥,笑得一脸傻样。有人,为了我,不让我吃巧克力,努力的管我。还有个封闭自己的人。我很想念三个人彻夜讨论dorm里的人,却不断的在masalah, masalah, masalah. 或是两人挤在一张床谈心事。和fishball一起在笑开光!惧高症的柔颖玩flying fox的模样。一个烟霾,我们临时被告知要回家的消息,而且是当天。看着钻哭泣的样子,我的眼泪堆在我眼里,可却忍着了,安慰着他。看着朋友回了,心里真的很不舍。在朋友的陪同下,我出了camp,上了车。想起当初进camp的不安,到了回家时的不愿。plkn绝对是我人生中很很很很美好的一段回忆。大家在里面欢笑了,哭了,感动了,白痴了。堆的满满的。我们的penutup还没办,就已经回了,是个遗憾。我认识了这么多的好朋友,帮了我这么多忙。每个都来自不同的地方,plkn把我们聚集了起来。sabah的fishball和sarawak的玉婷,真心希望他们能好好照顾自己,应该很难再有机会遇见了。柔颖、欣美、雪钻、凯俐、玉婷、fishball,真的很爱他们,很想念。回忆好多,真的写不完。plkn,我不后悔参加过。朋友们,认识你们是我最幸运的事。也许,时间逝去,我们会渐渐淡忘我们之间发生的点点滴滴,但此刻的我庆幸我们曾经度过了这一切,希望你们会在不同的角落过得非常幸福。



第一次考试成绩出了,真是.... 怪就怪自己去年少上了那么多节chemistry.... 第一次拿到那么低分的. 失望啊=.= 今天和fatty foo和 fatty pang看了ah boys to men 2。笑死了...闲逛了许久,买了东西,打算来个惊喜吧!😆很累啊....。一天之内吃了我喜爱的食物,日本餐、韩国餐还有snowflake😋....monorail还是一如既往那么多人,一直给人插队,变成肉饼了=.= 假期了,还是那么懒,不读书。 唉....



今天终于追完了我最最最爱的韩剧-《屋塔房王世》。非常好看! 看完了很舍不得。T.T开始迷上朴有天,他戴眼镜很很很可爱!之前不是很喜欢他,现在却喜欢到爆表。这部韩剧是我看过最好看的韩剧!♥



wednesday go tuition
stayed in air-con room
finally i lost my voice agn
start frm ytd
change of my voice started
today i being bullied by the guys
js bcos of no voice
sometimes my voice is deep
sometimes i cant even speak anything
suffering... =.=
today gt a ceramah-(i think)
it quite boring...
i felt sleepyy... zzz
tmr im going to tuition
im thinking
if the teacher ask me question
hw can i answer him/her?
isit i have to answer the teacher
with a paper n a pen? ^^ xD


a k's birthday

today is a k's birthday
we were planning to give a k a surprise
after discussion
we decided to celebrate her birthday at the restaurant we usually go to
after vj arrived,
we lit up the candles on the birthday cake
n sing birthday song
it so chaotic xD
after celebration
we were going to attend co-curriculum
b4 co-curriculum started
all of our girls played hide-and-seek
we were overjoyed with the game
during co-curriculum
we voted a ni for assistant treasurer
my name was called =.=lll
pjl wanna revenge for a ni
so he wrote my name on the whiteboard quickly
as a result of the incident
i became the ajk for ping pong =.=


my first time wif my friend >^

today is the last day of school b4 chinese new year,
there are a lot of ppl absent today
including surin n a ying
they both are on the way to a/s
a chee suddenly told me tat
she wanted to go pavilion
i was keen to go thr
after thinking repeatedly
i decided to go a chee's house
i tot tat a chee n i will reach late
bt we reach earlier by lrt n monorail xD
when we watching a beng's movie
someone alarm was rang
it quite funny~
when we board lrt
we were divided into 2 groups
a chee n zl
kj,kh n me (running man group) xD
when reach the station we want to go
our group were chatting too happily
n nt realized tat we reached the station
when the lrt were going to move on
i asked kj n kh isit the reached the right station
n i looked around
i realized tat we ad reached
bt when i realized
the door were closing
it's too late
a chee n zl ad alighted from lrt
leave kj, kh n me
we alighted at the next station
at the next station
we keep shifting the mistakes onto one of us
we board agn to the correct station
we were so pitiful
no taxi respond
when we were hailing the taxi
we go to black n white on foot
enjoyed our dinner wif chatting
afterwards a hui's bro fetched us back xD
i gv many first time to my fren~ ^^